Structured fill media for scrubbers and scrubbing columns

Structured fill media of Onda product family in PVC and Structured Drop Eliminators can be cut to size in our factory. Onda fill media assures a perfect water distribution, allowing a very good contact and increasing the efficiency of the column.

The blocs of fill media are obtained by gluing thermoformed sheets.
The three suitable models for scrubbing columns are Onda 13, 20 and 27.
The number that follows the Onda indicates the height of the wave (half of the equivalent flute size).
In comparison with other types of fill media the structured ones allow the use of simple and cheaper support systems.

The drift eliminator Drift 130 is highly recommendable for forced ventilation systems which use centrifugal fans.
Its handling is very simple, so installation and maintenance operations are very easy to perform.

The random fill media family Euro-Roll are available in many sizes.
Thanks to their type of packaging installation and maintenance operations are very easy fast.

F drop separators can be used in horizontal air flux systems.
They can be provided with metal frame. Eurofill can supply customized frames.

Euro Spray nozzles are made in high quality polypropylene and an unscrewed adapter ring of polyethylene; they grant, in relation to different operating pressure, a full static cone jet.




H 130



Separatore F 10

Separatore F 20