Droplet separators for air treatment and air conditioning in ship building

In the marine market the main causes of corrosion are due to sea water and related splashes.
The first components to be damaged from such corrosion are the engines and related elements like compressors, gen set and electrical parts.
The Eurofill Drift eliminators F10 and F20 are used on intake system inside the ship and all this guarantees an excellent purification.
The white or black PP drift eliminator are assembled in specific frames of different materials: AL 6060, Aisi 304 and Aisi 316L.
The type of ships could be yacht, fishing boats, ferry- boats, cargo boats, passengers boats, warships tow-boats.
It’s known the importance of good ventilation for the ships engines, in fact a reduced air inflow causes dust in the exhaust systems waste of oil.
These drift eliminators have a very low pressure drop for this reason the limitation of air flow is reduced at the minimum.
Pressure drops and droplet limit diameter diaphragms are available in order to choose the best solution for you.
Here below you can find the advantages of these products quickly resumed:

· Elimination of sweet and salt water from engines cab
· Reduced maintenance costs
· Reduced air circulation due to their shape
· They are successfully used in this market for 15 years
· Environnement friendly
· Recommended by the most important ship manufacture

Separatore F 10

Separatore F 20

Separatore F 33


Separatore F 40