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Random Fill Media for Chemical Industry

Random fill media are made with polymeric materials. These products have many uses in the Energy and Environmental sectors. They are primarily produced through an injection molding process that allows forming three-dimensional objects. Technically, this is a family of transversal products that are made for productive technology even though they have many other uses.

Here are some of the major applications:
• Exchange surfaces for humid absorption (scrubber),
• Gas stripping and eliminating fumes and odors.
• Surfaces for the development of biomasses in water purification systems, in percolation systems (Aruba), on moving and suspended filters.
• Floating covers for various sectors, from water to galvanic purification.

Main Advantages

• exchange surfaces wet absorption (scrubber)
• Stripping gas and in breaking of fumes and odors.
• Surfaces for the development of biomasses in water purification, in installations in percolation (Aruba), moving bed or suspended type.
• Covers floats for a variety of sectors, from water treatment sector galvanic

Euroroll random fill media are made in tecnopolymer and they have an elevated physical and chemical resistance. For this reason, they are suitable for being used successfully in many applications and in substitution of other conventional materials, or for solving many industrial issues relating to the chemical and purification field.

Aruba is a revolutionary random filling system that is made with black isotactic polypropylene, which is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical elements.  This filling system was developed to make medium/heavy load trickling filters. ARUBA's shape was studied to achieve trickling filters with an extremely wet surface in relation to.


Cavefill random fills are spheres made of HDPE. This Spheres are very resistant to pressure, the density is also designed to obtain a perfect flotation. This type of coverage, available in 4 different diameters, has been developed for use as a body floating in the scrubbers, or as mobile coverage in the tanks to prevent leakage of toxic fumes or odors, are also used in the electrolytic cells.

SALAH 600 is a random fill media produced in 2 different sizes, it is used in Moving bed biological reactors, they are treatment plants that use this technology relay on the capacity of biomass to grow fixed to the surface of these special supports...