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Products and components for Evaporative Cooling Towers

1) Drift eliminators - H 130 / Drift 130 / Mist 140 / H 200 / H 260 / Moondrop

H 130 droplet eliminators, with two changes of direction, Mist 140 with two changes of direction  and DRIFT 130 - H 200 H 260 with four changes of direction have been particulary designed for induced-draught evaporative cooling towers. The Celldrift 140 droplet separator with cellular structure is equipped with high mechanical resistance and ensures maximum protection from chemical and atmospheric agents. The Mundrop droplet separator is a type of droplet separator designed specifically for vertical flow evaporative towers, it is an extruded and extremely consistent and therefore self-supporting product. Starting from preformed PVC sheets, these eliminators are prefabricated in handy blolocks for ready insertion in the cooling tower and for easy removal for inspection of the water distribution.
Thanks to the irrectagular, modular form and to ease of cutting, an exact coverage of the water distribution system an be made.
Standard dimensions max: 2400 x 1000 x 130/260 h mm (H 130 - Drift 130) - 2400 x 1000 x 140/260 h mm (Mist 140) - 2400 x 300/600 x 200 h mm (H 200) - 2400 x 300/600 x 260 h mm (H 260) - 3600 x 300/600 x 140 h mm (Celldrift 140) - 3500 x 167 h mm (Moondrop)

2) Fill Media - Onda 13 / Onda 20 / Onda 27 / Onda S21 / Apple 75 / Corefill 20 / DokNet 20

This wave-form heat exchange surface (fill pack) is composed of corrugated PVC sheets, formed into packs in such a way astoobtaina high air/water contact surface and optimize the evaporative heat exchange.
Onda 13  is the type most appropriate for cooling tower applications where the water is relatively clean and tower volume must be minimized, typically in air-conditioning.
Onda 20 is suitable for the industrial applications with greater risk of fouling and Onda 27  wave is for event ougher duties.
Onda S21 It is the most suitable type for industrial applications with a higher risk of fouling than for civil applications. It is used in both counter-current and cross-flow applications.
Apple 75 - Apple 75ID They have a herringbone structure and, placed vertically one in succession to the other, are used as an exchange surface and drop eliminators inside cross-flow towers.
Standard dimensions: 1200/1800/2400 x 300 x 300 h mm – 1200/1800/2400 x 600 x 600 h mm
Corefill 20 Its structure that forces the flow of water and air to continuous directional changes allows to increase the cooling area, making the mixing between air and water more efficient
Standard dimensions: 1200/2400 x 1000/2000 x 500/600 h mm
DokNet 20 The CoolingNet 150 grid exchange packs are high performance fillings mainly used in induced flow evaporative towers, they allow an optimal pressure drop in the case of medium or very polluted water. Max standard dimensions: 908 x 604 x 450 h mm
All the fill typesare avaible, on request, with sheet thicknesses greater than the standard values indicated in the table.
These fill pack are also suitable for industrial SCRUBBERS and for WATER TREATMENT (27 mm).

3) Air Inlet Louvers - Net 65 - Light 65 

The Net 65 and Light 65 air inlet deflectors (Light 65 for use in light situations) are designed for induced flow evaporative towers on which they perform four functions:
•Prevention of the suction of objects such as leaves from the surroundings
into the tower.
•Elimination of water splash discharge from the pan.
•Smoothing of the entering airflow.
•Shading of the pan water and consequent discouragement of the possible growth of algae or other micro-organisms.

Standard dimensions: 1200 x 300 x 65 mm - 1200 x 600 x 65 mm

4) Suond Absorbing Panels - Water Net 100

Water Net 100 is a sound-absorbing panel studied for waterfall noise reduction in cooling towers basins.
The reduction of noise effect is due to a flexible mat (polystyrene nylon mesh) which is placed on the surface of the panel and prevents direct contact between the water falling from fill media packs and the one collected in the tank.

5) Spray Nozzles - Nozzle CAT-Z1

The three-stage sprayer system powered by Nozzle CAT-Z1 optimize the spray zone of hyperbolic or forced draft cooling towers. The performance effect generate cooling immediately after water outlet of the pipe system and already above the fill media (spray zone) in order to get the maximum cooling performance of the tower.

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