random fill media

Random Fill Media also called Carriers for MBBR type biomass reactors

A Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) is a biological treatment plant for the purification of waste water.

The filling bodies Salah 600 and Salah 900 are bulk filling bodies produced in 2 different sizes, this filling, also called CARRIER, is used in moving bed biomass purification plants (MBBR), in these systems it is exploited the ability of the biomass to grow by adhering to the surface of these special supports, which allow to increase the contact surface between the biomass itself and the aqueous solution to be purified and therefore contain and reduce the volume compared to traditional activated sludge purifiers.

Main Advantages

• Reduction of the overall volumes of the system
• Very rapid biological process with lower retention times which, together with the smaller volumes required by the plants, allow considerable economic savings
• Increased efficiency and high percentage of biomass in contact with the liquid manure
• Low pressure drops
• High mechanical and chemical resistance
• Ease of transport and installation

SALAH 600 is a random fill media produced in 2 different sizes, it is used in Moving bed biological reactors, they are treatment plants that use this technology relay on the capacity of biomass to grow fixed to the surface of these special supports...

The random fill media SALAH 900, is used in purification plants with adherent biomass with moving bed, it allows to obtain a high ratio of contact surface/volume and consequently a better performance of the plant.