spray painting cabins

Products end components for air purification in spray painting cabins

Onda structured fill media in PVC (loose filters) and Structured Drop Eliminators can be cut to size in our factory.

Onda filters offer high exchange surfaces, and combine both separation and coalescence effects.
The blocs of fill media are obtained by gluing thermoformed sheets with a 60° flutes inclination.
The three suitable models for painting cabins are Onda 9, 11 and Onda 13.
Filters can be cut to size to obtain any desired depth, like 100 or 150 mm.

Drift eliminators Drift 130 and H 130 (depth 130 mm) are characterized by their handling simplicity, so installation and maintenance operations are very easy to perform.

Humidifying panels in PVC with ryon fibres Sanifloc and in cellulose Europad are very cheap filters, easy to cut to size even on site.

F separators can be used in horizontal air flux systems.
They can be provided with metal frame.

Filling technologies can supply customized frames.



H 130