Turbine a gas

Gas turbines - components drift eliminators humidification pads drop separators

FILLING TECHNOLOGIES produces synthetic fills and drift eliminators suitable for Gas Turbines:

- Humidification Pads - Sanifloc - Europad

- Drift eliminators in PVC - H 130 - DRIFT 130

- Droplet separators in PP - F10 - F20 - F33 - F40

The humidifying panels are used to lower the temperature of the incoming air to this improves the performance of generazione. These panels are made with corrugated sheets of cellulose impregnated with suitable resins ( anti- bacterial and anti- UV) as well as giving a great texture, make the panel self-supporting , prevent the formation of mold and increase the durata.

The drift eliminators H 130 - DRIFT 130 are used instead in the input, for flows ' vertical air , to prevent the turbine inlet of water droplets. These eliminators are characterized by its light weight and maneuverability , which facilitates the installation and maintenance.

The F-Series separators are used downstream systems adiabatic cooling, the different shapes of the profiles and the possibility to vary the distance between the fins ( step ) , allow to cover a wide range of air velocity and capture the water droplets of various diameters .



H 130




F 10

F 20

F 33

F 40