Zootechnics and Floriculture


Components for zootechnics and floriculture

Filling Technologies fills and panels find application in the field of zootechnics and floriculture breeding technologies, both in the air conditioning, treatment and air humidification systems of these structures (Sanifloc - Europad), and as blackout panels in the livestock sector (Black 130).

The microclimate is a factor of great importance for animal welfare, since it can deeply affect not only the productive / reproductive capacities of cows and all farm animals, but, above all, the quality of the milk produced.

In the stall design phase it is advisable to estimate efficient ventilation and cooling systems, in order to guarantee constant air circulation in both the winter and summer in the building so as to remove pathogenic organisms, humidity and dust from the stable. environmental and the emissions of gas produced by stable cattle.

For this reason it is important, in the design of the ventilation and air conditioning systems, to use highly reliable and performing components such as the panels proposed by Filling Technologies.